Zuji unfolds survey findings of its third Outbound Travel Sentiment Index of Hong Kong: Travel Index Increases Despite Slackening Economy

Thirty pct Hongkongers To Spend $10,000 More On Self-guided Tours This CNY

[Hong Kong, Jan 28, 2016] One of Asia’s leading online travel agents, Zuji, has recently announced its Outbound Travel Sentiment Index, the third of its three-phase survey campaign. Under the theme of Search, Discover and Share, the travel index aims to unveil local travel trends through surveying Zuji’s members and users. The 987 respondents have shared with Zuji their CNY spending plans and travel photo sharing habits.

“Share” the CNY travel spending plans:
Hongkongers spend more on CNY self-guided tours amid stagnant economy.


Forty per cent of the interviewed Hongkongers will travel during Chinese New Year, of which 70 per cent plan to spend more on their trip than the year before. Among those who will spend more on their upcoming trip, 30 Per cent plan to spend over $10,000 more with an average of spending $7,700 more, the recent travel survey indicates.

Zuji has conducted in December a survey, with a total number of 987 Hongkongers interviewed, under the theme of “Sharing” about Hongkongers’ latest travel habits and spending pattern.

Zuji has been surveying on local travel behaviour for the past three quarters, and has published the Outbound Travel Sentiment Index of Hong Kong every season. The higher the index, the more likely Hong Kong people will travel.

The index of this winter is +71, which is three points higher than the previous season. This shows that Hong Kong people are still keen on travelling amid a slackening economy. Japan ranks top among their travel destinations, followed by Thailand and surrounding countries, while Mainland China comes in third.

“We are observing a higher volume of bookings of flights and hotels through Zuji during the CNY period, with an approximate 21% increment” said Charlie Wong, Zuji’s CEO. “A contributing factor in the increase in bookings is because a lot of locals have decided to go on a trip during CNY where there are 5 consecutive days of holiday this year, as the Zuji survey suggests. Many Hongkongers take this chance to get away from the negative environment in the society. Moreover, by taking two days off, they can enjoy a 9-days holiday with two weekends.”


“Share” the travel photo sharing habit:
Hongkongers are eager to share, but not demanding on the number of “likes”


The Zuji findings also suggest Hongkongers being obsessed with photo-sharing on social media, but are rather buoyant about the number of “likes” they get in return.

About 60 per cent of the interviewees would share their travel photos immediately whenever they are connected to the Internet during their trip. Another 30 per cent would upload their photos when they are on transportation, when they return to the hotel, or after they get to edit the photos.

Almost 50 per cent of the respondents are satisfied with fewer than 20 “likes”. The older the population, the more likely they are satisfied with a smaller number of “likes”.

The most popular social media platform which Hong Kong people use to share their photos is Facebook (62%), followed by Instagram (22%) and WeChat (18%).

More fun facts and survey results are summarised and illustrated by infographics as follow:

Survey results are available at:

About Zuji's Outbound Travel Sentiment Index 2015

The newest Zuji’s Outbound Travel Sentiment Index consists of three phases – Search, Discover and Share, and aims to unveil trends and research through surveying ZUJI’s members and users. With these three different phases, Zuji is able to draw comparisons between the sets of results to gain a better understanding of the future course of the travel industry.

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