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Unveils Hong Kong’s HIS and HER Travel Styles

Myths, truths and tips in traveling with your other half in Year of the Horse

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Hong Kong – February 10, 2014 – An American writer once wrote, “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of seeing things.” Travel is more than just visiting a new place or meeting new people, but rather it’s more about the experiences that allow one to see things differently. In 2013, ZUJI has brought many of you and your loved one to visit places across the globe, and now let ZUJI reveals the travel secrets that Hong Kong men and women wish their significant other knew about them when they embark on a journey together.

“Hong Kongers’ love for travel is almost unmatched by anyone else,” says Charlie Wong, CEO of ZUJI Limited. “In 2013, ZUJI has recorded a double-digit year-on-year growth on booking rates. In 2013, Taipei, Bangkok, Tokyo and Seoul remained the most popular destinations for Hong Kongers, while Kaohsiung replaced Singapore as one of the top 5 favourite destinations this year. In the meantime, the popularity of Da Nang rose rapidly as one of Hong Kongers’ favourite destinations.”

“Every year, the ZUJI Travel Index reveals interesting and sometimes even surprising insights into the travelling behaviours of our fellow Hong Kongers,” Charlie comments. “This year, we’ve surveyed over 1,200 Hong Kong travellers, segregated the results between men and women, and we hope the analysis would help our fans to glean insights into how “His” travel style is different from “Hers”.”

“Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus.”

Reasons For Booking Travel Online

Men and women have drastically different thoughts when faced with the same situations during their travels.

Starting with the reasons behind booking one’s own travels online, most men do so because it can be done on an impulse (20%) and also to avoid compulsory shopping trips forced on them by some travel agencies (38%). These results hit the gender stereotypes of men right on the bullseye, as men are usually considered to be spontaneous and generally hate shopping. Moving on, the ladies enjoy planning for their own trips so that they could enjoy flexible schedules (42%) and possibly sleep in if need be (25%).

What if?


Have you ever had a conflict with your loved one on the road during your dream holiday? According to our survey, men and women once again exhibit distinctively different behaviours. The majority of men (57%) are willing to initiate reconciliation with their loved ones, however, this result is closely followed by men who would choose to leave their loved one behind and return home themselves (20%). These results also show that men put more emphasis on their travel partners than on the trip itself. Women, on the other hand, tend to focus more on the travel experiences. When put in the same situation, majority of the female respondents prefer to continue with their journeys, either on their own (28%) or simply to ignore their partners for the rest of the journey (30%). ZUJI knows it is difficult and people have different interests along the journey, but the key is to compromise and it is really not worth to fight during the vacation with your special someone.


Getting lost on foreign soil is surprisingly easy. When being accidentally casted to star in an episode of “LOST”, men prefer to refer to the maps themselves regardless if they could read a map or not (70%), while women prefer to ask the locals for directions (81%). The situation is kind of similar to you witnessing a car breaking down on the side of the road, you would only see men pop the hood open and stare at the engine while women tend to seek help immediately. ZUJI agrees with the majority of the female respondents – if you lose your way on a trip, you should quickly ask the locals for directions before wandering too far off from your next destination.

Do you have sticky fingers?

Do you have sticky fingers?

Have you ever taken away any item from the hotel after your sweet dream? Among our serial hotel plunderers, guys seem to be engrossed by the hotel towels (38%), perhaps due to the love for collecting trivial things as travel mementos; the ladies prefer to keep their feet warm by taking home the slippers (56%), which is understandable, as most women find shoes or all kinds, regardless of how absurd a shoe is, irresistible. ZUJI was told that once a fellow Hong Konger took the hotel room’s TV remote control home, having mistaken it to be his own mobile phone. ZUJI suggests that, in addition to the slippers, towels and shampoo from the hotel room, you should always make sure to collect all belongings before checking out from the hotel.

“It’s solely because of the culture, honestly.”

It’s solely because of the culture, honestly.

A lot of travellers would attempt to pick up the local language before embarking on the journey. In our survey, most men choose to learn Japanese (47%) while women are almost equally passionate in learning Korean (33%) and French (31%). The reasons behind their answers could be found in the results of another question presented in the survey. Most men would revisit a location for its attractive citizens (62%), while women enjoy immersing themselves in the local culture (55%). Japan has always been known by men in Hong Kong to be the home of many "kawaii girls", thus more men enrol into Japanese classes before going to Japan. France has always been famous for its cultural romanticism, so it’s no surprise for Hong Kong women to flock towards the country. Korea, in recent years, has been enjoying rousing success in its entertainment industry, so for the female K-pop fans to go there is also perfectly legitimate. Surprisingly, there are several male respondents plan to learn Taiwanese Hokkien and Russian for their next trip. Does it mean Taiwan and Russian girls are up next in the line?

Travel Your Way!

Travel Your Way

Men and Women in Hong Kong also have different preferences in picking their travel partners. Typically, grown up men tend to be more independent, thus men are reluctant to travel with their parents (48%). Meanwhile, women dislike travelling with friends of the opposite sex (44%), perhaps they fear that would give unintended signals to their travel partners, leading to dramatic and problematic issues while and after the trip. Regardless of your rationale, whether you like to travel alone, with your loved ones or with a bunch of friends, ZUJI has your back all year round. Presenting ZUJI’s latest round of special offers for you to “Travel Your Way”:

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