Zuji kicks off its newest Three-Part Outbound Travellers’ Sentiment Index Series

Zuji unfolds survey’s first phase and reveals what Hong Kong travellers are really searching for

Hong Kong – July 8, 2015– Zuji has recently launched its very first Outbound Travel Sentiment Index of Hong Kong in June that aims to unveil the likelihood of Hong Kongers to travel abroad in the next three months. The Index also reveals travel trends of people in many different aspects, such as travel routines, travel decisions, and spending habits.

Zuji’s Outbound Travel Sentiment Index consists of three phases: Search, Discover, and Share. These three phases reflect the process of a traveller from start to finish, beginning with an exciting ‘search’ process, whether it is for flights, destinations, or a searching within themselves. The ‘discover’ phase describes the aspect of exploration, and lastly is the ‘share’ phase, where a traveller ultimately shares his or her experiences with friends and family.

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With over 2,100 participants who responded to this survey, findings suggest the latest Travel Sentiment Index number is +67 (ranging from -100 to +100), which shows that Hong Kongers are quite eager to travel aboard in July to September. A steep 95% % revealed that they are planning to go on at least one trip in the next three months, and close to 50% said they are willing to spend $15,000 or more on their next travel trip.

The latest booking statistic from Zuji also revealed that Taipei, Bangkok, Tokyo are the most popular destinations for Hong Kong travellers in the next three months,  which is not surprising as nearly 90% of the survey participants chose Asia as their next travel destination.

The survey also shows that holiday preferences have a correlation with choice of travel companions. People often prefer to travel with companions (87%), for instance with a partner, family members or friends rather than travel solo (13%). Depending on the chosen travel buddy, the purpose of the trips differs.  A majority of solo travellers aim for a more enriching and productive experience on their next holiday, for example to search for their true selves (44%), to go on a health and wellness retreat (40%) and to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and history (50%). With these desires, solo travellers feel inclined to experience these adventures on foot (14%) rather than rent a vehicle (3%). The findings correlate with the relatively lower budget of solo travellers where almost 51% of them are only willing to spend no more than $10,000 per trip.

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On the other hand, over half of the group travellers (56%) are mostly searching for fun getaways, and aim to gain immediate gratification with simpler activities such as shopping (40%), or in contrast, they choose a relaxing trip to unwind. To accommodate a relaxing holiday, group travellers tend to opt for more luxurious means of transportation during their trip, with 17% preferring a rented vehicle, contrasting a low 5% who prefer to explore on foot. This survey also emphasizes that a majority of the survey participants (31%) are willing to spend more than $20,000 per trip and also 23% of the travellers who have a preference to travel with family are willing to spend more than $30,000.

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The Outbound Travel Sentiment Index also unveiled an interesting discovery, where a large 40% of solo travellers voiced that they would be willing to quit their job for travel, whereas only 25% of the group travellers would do the same thing. These results indicate that solo travellers are more spontaneous and enthusiastic to search for more in life, whereas group travellers tend to want to go on a more structured holiday with prior planning.

Searching for trips continues to be a high priority for Zuji’s survey respondents, as most of the survey participants (60%) are willing to spend more money and time on traveling, rather than forfeit travelling in order to save money for property, which only added up to 9%.

Commenting on Zuji’s latest Outbound Travel Sentiment Index of Hong Kong, Zuji CEO Charlie Wong mentions, “Every year, the Zuji Index reveals interesting insights on travellers’ habits. This year, we are excited to transform the existing survey model and be the first online travel agency to conduct more than just a one-off survey, but a series of surveys in order to accurately understand the ongoing trends of Hong Kong travellers. With this series, we will be able to make precise comparisons across different travel periods which will help us get a better grasp on what exactly it is that Hong Kong travellers are looking for.”

About Zuji's Outbound Treavel Sentiment Index 2015

The newest Zuji’s Outbound Travel Sentiment Index consists of three phases – Search, Discover and Share, and aims to unveil trends and research through surveying Zuji’s members and users. With these three different phases, Zuji is able to draw comparisons between the sets of results to gain a better understanding of the future course of the travel industry.

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