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Asiana Airlines (OZ) Highlights

Asiana Airlines has been named winner of the Skytrax Airline of the Year 2010 title, ahead of other airlines at the 2010 World Airline Awards, that took place in Hamburg on 20th May.

Winner of the 2010 World Airlines Awards

Some 40 different airlines from around the world assembled to receive their accolades, which were handed out by Mr Edward Plaisted, Chairman of Skytrax. The award winners are selected by the airline industry's most important audience, it's customers. More than 17.9 million air travellers from over 100 different nationalities took part in the 10 month survey, between July 2009 and April 2010. The awards are respected and recognised around the world for being the only truly global, independent passenger survey of airline standards.

Commenting on the Airline of the Year 2010 award received by Asiana Airlines, Mr Plaisted said: "this is a fantastic achievement for Asiana Airlines to be named winner of this top Airline of the Year Award, and Asiana Airlines are clearly meeting and exceeding their customer's expectations. This award represents a true recognition of the front-line product and service that Asiana Airlines is delivering to it's customers, and the award slogan of 'The Passenger's Choice' underlines the fact that Asiana Airlines are succeeding in satisfying the hardest critics - their users."

Asiana Airlines President and CEO, Mr Young-Doo Yoon, said : "We would like to express our most heartfelt appreciation to our customers who voted us for Skytrax 2010 Airline of the Year Award. Asiana Airlines is extremely honoured to be recognized as the world's top airline by our customers and to be awarded our industry's highly esteemed accolade from Skytrax. To be the winner of the 2010 Airline of the Year Award is even more special and holds greater meaning, as it is 'The Passenger's Choice'."

Classes of Travel

First Class

Traveling will become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The time and effort invested in making the air travel more enjoyable and comfortable are at the core of an airline's competitiveness. Asiana Airlines offers the advanced sleeper seat, which can be folded by 180 degrees, to ensure a sleep experience for the greater comfort of the passenger. The passenger will enjoy all the comfort offered by the first-class hotel bed.

In order to spice up the in-flight dining experience, Asiana Airlines is cooperating with best nutritionists and renowned restaurants. Asiana Airlines offers gourmet options with premium quality dishes prepared by the best chefs, including "Kyoto-Kaiseki," traditional Japanese dish, and diverse snack options.

Business Class

Our business class is equipped with the wide pitch of 50” or more, and electronically automated seats to provide conveniences and comfort for the passengers who travels long distances. In particular, B747, B777, and A330 (excluding HL7417 of B747) provide the wide pitch of 58” or more, and the near-horizontal electronically automated seats, guaranteeing the comfort similar to the level of the first class seats.

Furthermore, the business class in our B777 and B747 aircraft comes equipped with a satellite phone and facsimile for smooth communication with the ground. The SMS service is also available. In addition, a PC power outlet has been installed for each seat, so that the passengers can carry out personal business during their flight. (Please note that during the upgrade process, not all flights will have the upgraded business class cabins. Your understanding is much appreciated)

Various courses of formal Western cuisine course are offered as part of a convenient and careful service. A more elegant Korean food service, which is unique to Asiana Airlines, is provided with various menus, depending on the route.

Travel Class

Enjoy the comfortable and cozy mood of our Travel Class, a unique service offered only Asiana Airlines. In particular, all seats in our A330-300 and B777-200 (HL7739, HL7742) aircraft are equipped with an on-demand audio/video service, as well as 6.5 inch LCD monitor.

Asiana Airlines provides unique and elegant in-flight meals including Western, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. The departure country’s food is served as the basic menu according to the operating route.

In-flight Entertainment

Enjoy a variety of entertainment and wonderful memories to the full, together with the cabin event and show program team composed of Asiana Airlines' cabin crews.

Awarded "the 2004 Mercury Award On Board Service Gold" as the organization that offers the best n-flight service, we have wid range of in-flight entertainment, from magic show to children corner to celebration party.

Please note that this service is available for some routes only due to flight time and crew operation

Asiana offers an onboard make-up service allowing passengers to arrive at their final destinations feeling smart and looking pleasant after a long flight. Mask packs are available to moisturize the skin, which is prone to drying on a long flight inside a dry cabin. Furthermore, ASIANA provides its unique instant photograph service to passengers who subscribe to the mask pack or make-up services, further enhancing the pleasure and memories of a long-haul flight.

*Three teams give customers the Charming Service on specific long haul flight : NYC, ORD, SEA, SFO, LAX, SYD, FRA, and LHR. All passengers are pleased beyond measure with our original and up-to-date services.