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Eva Air fares (ex-Hong Kong)

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Prices displayed are for Economy Return

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EVA Air (BR) Highlights

The EVA Air fleet now includes 11 new Airbus A330-200s and for long-haul flights, four advanced Boeing 777s with eight more scheduled to be placed in service. A new slogan, "Sharing the world, flying together," coincides with the introduction of the stunning new B777s. Within the next decade, these streamlined, next-generation aircraft will be the backbone of the EVA Air fleet. They mark a new era in the EVA in-flight experience, and give passengers all the comforts of the latest cabins outfitted throughout with leading-edge systems and enhanced with the highest standards in service quality. EVA Air is soaring to greater heights to give international travelers exceptional services that exceed their expectations.

Classes of Travel

Premium Laurel Class (available at B777 & A330)

The Premium Laurel cabin, with its 2-2-2 seating arrangement, is literally cavernous. Equipped with the most advanced electronically controlled, angled lie-flat hard-shell seats, passengers can bask in luxury and indulge themselves in their own private space. The seats are an amazing 61 inches apart and 22 inches wide. Both headrest and bottom cushion are fully adjustable. The pneumatic lumbar support and leg rest are both electrically operated and the retractable armrest allows you to stretch, leave and return to your seat without disturbing your neighbor.

Super Business class (available at B747-400 aircraft)

With seating in EVA Air's Super Business Class cabins matching the specifications of those in First Class, rows are positioned 44 inches apart, providing plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

Elite Class (available at B777)/Evergreen Delux Class (available at B747)

The all-new Elite Class cabin has just 63 seats, making it an exclusive way to travel. All features of the cabin, from seating to personal amenities, have been specially designed to enhance your flying experience. With so many innovative features, Elite Class is great value for money.

Economy Class

VA Air's B777-300ER Economy Class cabin is different from traditional economy class cabins, offering far superior service. You’ll notice the extra space and comfortable atmosphere. Economy Class offers an uncluttered 3-3-3 seating arrangement, while each seat is a generous 18.3 inches in width. The shape-memory cushion material and ergonomic design make the seats superbly comfortable and the bottom cushion moves forward as the seat reclines to give a more natural reclining position. But the innovation doesn’t stop there – a fully adjustable headrest ensures that your head stays where you want it to, helping eliminate fatigue.

In-flight Entertainment

Premium Laurel Class

Passengers in Premium Laurel Class enjoy the same EVA service quality that they would in first class, including hard-shell, lie-flat seats and roomy cabins. The cabins resemble first class on other carriers but at business class prices. Seats in this cabin are configured in a 2-2-2 arrangement, have a generous 61-inch pitch, 22-inch width, adjustable headrests, electronically adjustable lumbar supports and seating controls, fully extendible foot and leg rests, convenient footlights, personal LED reading lights, pull-down luggage racks and 110V/60Hz power outlets. An espresso maker and wine chiller complete the top-cabin environment.

Super Business class

Another feature exclusive to EVA Air's business passengers is a personal in-armrest video system. A full range of periodicals, newspapers and magazines are also available on board.

Economy Class

The all-new Economy seats are in a 3-4-3 configuration with a 33-in. pitch and 18.3-in. width, all equipped with the most advanced 8.4-in. LCD touch screens in the world that, combined with EVA’s AVOD system, are bound to make the journey a pleasure.