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Hainan Airlines (HU) Highlights

Hainan Airlines Co Ltd was founded in January, 1993 in Hainan Province, China’s largest special economic zone. The company is committed to providing passengers with a holistic and seamless flying service. Hainan Airlines abides by the concept of “Treating Passengers the Eastern Way” and promotes the service concept of “Treating the Passenger with Respect”. Starting with satisfying passengers’ innermost demands, Hainan Airlines looks to create a completely new flying experience, paying attention to every detail, every second of every minute to surpass passengers’ expectations; we are committed to becoming a world-class Chinese airline company and brand.

Destinations :

Starting in 1993, with Haikou as its main base, the company has set up seven flight operational bases in Beijing, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Urumqi, Guangzhou, and Dalian.
With a flight network spreading all over China, covering Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania and Africa, Hainan Airlines has opened up almost 500 domestic and international flight routes, reaching almost 90 destinations. In 2014, we mainly promote our conjunction flight with Hong Kong Airlines, our family airline company, from Hong Kong via Beijing to North America (Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Boston), Europe (Brussels, Berlin), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) and Almaty.


Hainan Airlines’ fleet is composed of Boeing 737, 767 and 787 series aircraft and the Airbus 330 and 340 series. The young and well-appointed fleet forms a reliable solution for the transportation of both passengers and cargo, All aircraft interiors feature a high quality premium class (first class cabin and/or an all new spacious and comfortable business-class cabin) with plenty of personal space for passengers. As of 2013, there are 128 planes in operation.

Classes of Travel

Business-class cabins

Hainan Airlines' business class offers a comfortable environment with everything you need at your fingertips

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1. Dining

Enjoy delicious meals and snacks prepared by experienced chefs with your choice of Western or Chinese cuisine, served with a smile by our gracious flight attendants

2. A330 New Business Class

Enjoy your dream flight in a luxurious seat with a width of 78 inches.Your personal privacy and space is ensured with seat partitioning. An automatic and precise control system customizes seating to each passenger's body and guarantees a comfortable in-flight experience

3. The Airbus A330-200s

On A330-200, facing seatbacks feature high-resolution liquid LCD widescreens— 10.6 inches for Business Class and 8.9 inches for Economy class. Your journey will be relaxing and comfortable as you enjoy a wide selection of movies and music.

4. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Business Class

The Business Class cabin is meticulously designed, featuring super-comfortable seats of the highest grade. Seats adjust to a full 180 degree flat position, enabling you to get as comfortable as you would be in your own bed!

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Economy-class cabins

Our economy class cabins offer a spacious and comfortable space in which to relax in. Economy class passengers will be able to enjoy an array of innovative cabin features and exceptional hospitality.

1. Dining

If you are traveling on a long flight such as out flight from Urumqi to Beijing, you will no doubt get hungry. You can look forward to a satisfying local dish of deliciously sauteed beef and mushrooms served with steamed rice, or you can opt for noodles if you prefer.

2. Spacious and comfortable space

Our economy class cabins, although not as spacious as premium class accommodations, have also been designed for your comfort. Seats recline to 105 degrees and have a pitch of 32 inches. Each seat is equipped with an individual video touch-screen and remote control at every seatback that offers passengers films, Television programs, music playlists, videogames and much more. Comfortable blankets and pillows are provided onboard.

3. Delicious children's meals

We can offer customerised meals for kids on certain flights operated by Hainan Airlines, currently meal reservation for kids is already available for flights departing from Beijing and Haikou.