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Do you feel like Seoul today?

Seoul is not just about Korean pop. Surrounded by picturesque high mountains and clear waters, no wonder Seoul is also referred to as the “Land of Morning Calm”. As the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea, you have sophisticated skyscrapers standing next to palaces with centuries of history and trend-setting shopping malls in Dongdaemun that are open till late. (And by “late”, we mean nearly 24 hours). ZUJI travel tip to Seoul: Many of the traditional Korean houses at Bukchon Hanok Village have been converted to guesthouses and the friendly hosts are more than happy to share their stories with you.

Download a Seoul Travel Guide today. Read up on must-do activities in Seoul, best dining experiences, check up on the weather and transport options, and be at the right corner of the street to find the best shopping bargains. Outside the travel guide, just have lots of fun and tell your own Seoul story. Get started on a memorable Seoul trip with ZUJI.

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