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Do you feel like Beijing today?

Filled with consistent buzz and high degree of energy, Beijing will captivate you with its exquisite blend of modern architecture and anicent heritage. For a glimpse into Beijing's centuries-worth of history, a trip to both Forbiddden City, otherwise known as the the Imperial Palace, and the magnificent Great Wall of China (in a pair of comfortable sneakers) will be your best bet. What is quickly disappearing from this growing city is also the rustic traditional alleys, hutongs, formed by traditional courtyard houses. ZUJI travel tip to Beijing: If you do not speak Mandarin, do keep a printed copy of the addresses in Chinese characters!

Download a Beijing Travel Guide today. Read up on must-do activities in Beijing, best dining experiences, check up on the weather and transport options, and be at the right corner of the street to find the best shopping bargains. Outside the travel guide, just have lots of fun and tell your own Beijing story. Get started on a memorable Beijing trip with ZUJI.

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