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Do you feel like Jakarta today?

As a great modern metropolis of its nation, you will not be disappointed by your shopping experience here in Jakarta. What is underrated in this capital and largest city of Indonesia is its wide array of tourist attractions and vast oppportunities to gain insight into the nation's rich heritage. The National Museum, also known as the "Elephant Building" due to the iconic elephant statue, as well as the National Monument standing tall at the Merdeka Square must not be missed. ZUJI travel tip to Jakarta: The traffic congestion during peak hours can be a little overwhelming , do be mentally prepared!

Download a Jakarta Travel Guide today. Read up on must-do activities in Jakarta, best dining experiences, check up on the weather and transport options, and be at the right corner of the street to find the best shopping bargains. Outside the travel guide, just have lots of fun and tell your own Jakarta story. Get started on a memorable Jakarta trip with ZUJI.

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