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Do you feel like Shanghai today?

Think Shanghai and think The Bund. It's so etched in our mind that we seem to forget Shanghai has modernised so quickly that it has become where East meets West and where history meets fantasty. Where else can you find hundreds of people performing their daily ritual of Tai-chi together at a park and get the chance to travel at 430km/hr without having to go on a plane? The Shanghai Maglev Train can take you from the airport to the city in less than 8 minutes. ZUJI travel tip to Shanghai: Traditional Chinese accupressure massage might not be for the faint-hearted but your feet will thank you after.  

Download a Shanghai Travel Guide today. Read up on must-do activities in Shanghai, best dining experiences, check up on the weather and transport options, and be at the right corner of the street to find the best shopping bargains. Outside the travel guide, just have lots of fun and tell your own Shanghai story. Get started on a memorable Shanghai trip with ZUJI.

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