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Do you feel like Tokyo today?

Tokyo is not all about samurais, geishas and sakuras. Or tempuras (though this city has come up top with Michelin-star restaurants). Spend a few days in this city and you will find yourself smittened by the beautiful and scenic parks, and the sheer politeness of the people from this largest metropolitan area in the world. Tech lovers will love the electronic haven at Akihabara, while fashionistas will love the eclectic Harujuku district for its quirky fashion and colourful people. ZUJI travel tip to Tokyo: Taking trains are much cheaper than taxis here in Tokyo, so plan well and you can treat yourself to a good meal of shabu-shabu. 

Download a Tokyo Travel Guide today. Read up on must-do activities in Tokyo, best dining experiences, check up on the weather and transport options, and be at the right corner of the street to find the best shopping bargains. Outside the travel guide, just have lots of fun and tell your own Tokyo story. Get started on a memorable Tokyo trip with ZUJI.

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